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Our Abington Gators Swim Team family involves more than just the swimmers!  

Each year we require the help of deck parents for home and away meets, as well as timers and parents willing to serve at the concession stand at home meets only. 

State and Federal Volunteer Clearances

These positions, in addition to the board positions, will be required to have hard copies of their child abuse and criminal clearances on file, as well as an FBI fingerprint history or disclosure statements and this will need to be completed PRIOR to volunteering.  

NOTE:  If you have child abuse, criminal history and FBI Fingerprinting (as needed, see below) that are no more than three years old you will NOT need to get updated ones.  Please provide the Gators Board with a hard copy of these to keep on file. These clearances are of NO COST TO YOU, with the exception of the FBI fingerprinting.  


You will need all of the following:

Criminal Record

Immediate online certification. Be sure to check that you are a volunteer, and there will be no cost.

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Child Abuse

May take some time to receive certification. You will have to create a Keystone ID and password.

You will receive notification by email when you may view and print your certification. No cost for certification, as a volunteer.

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Residence History

If you have been a PA resident for 10 yrs.

Please print and sign the Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers

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If you have not been a PA resident 10 yrs.

a finger print federal based history submitted through the PSP or its authorized agent (FBI) is required. The fee is $27.50 and is NOT waived. 

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