About the Gators


Now in it’s 45th year, the Abington Gators consists of swimmers, ages 6 to 14, from numerous communities in our area and operates within the Abington Heights Highschool.


Our goal is to offer a healthy, team-driven environment for our swimmers and to provide them with the tools necessary to be successful in the sport, as well as develop teamwork and leadership in and out of the pool. 


This year, Coach Corey Wimmer, and her team of assistant coaches, governed by the volunteer board of directors are extremely proud to see our team build on their successful 2018-19 season.  We couldn't be prouder - and we have a place for you and/or your swimmer on our team!

45 years of swimming in the Abingtons.

Staff & Board

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach

Assistant Coaches

Corey Wimmer

Mike Freeman

Mia Nardone

Melissa Smith

Board of Directors:

Vice President of Boys
Vice President of Girls


Team Apparel
Concession Stand Boys

Concession Stand Girls
Photos & Slide Show

Banquet/Team Parties

League Representative


Karoline Mehalchick
Larissa Allspaugh
Nicole Millett

Pat Walko  
Kelly Flowers

Jessica Giermanski

Kathy Geve
Pam Walko
Natalie Gilboy
Jen Kochmer

Jill Moyle


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